Paper Mario Water Slide Nail Decals

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Paper Mario Water Slide Nail Decals

Exclusive Sheet for Polished Gamers Group only! If you are not part of the group, your purchase of this sheet will be automatically refunded. Thank you for your understanding!

Water Slide Nail Decals
Paper Mario water slide nail decals - 82 decals per sheet

Instructions included with order

***These water slide decals ARE transparent, therefore they tend to look best on light shades of polish. Any white that appears on the image will show as your polish color.***

***Decal only purchases (no polish included in order) ship in a plain white envelope and will *NOT* have a tracking number provided, unless flat rate shipping is purchased.

***Please note this is an image of the water decals with a watermark placed on it. The decals you receive will not have this watermark, therefore it will not look so distorted***

**In no way is Fangirl Polish affiliated with any part of the Nintendo franchise. Decals are strictly a creative rendition inspired by my love of the fandom.**