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Nightmare Before Christmas Hair Elastics

Nightmare Before Christmas Hair Elastics

*This hair tie set is Limited Quantity!**

A set of 3 soft elastic hair ties inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas.
5/8" elastic.
Heat sealed to prevent fraying.

Pull up your hair with these super stretchy, fandom inspired elastics. Hair ties that don't pull and harm your hair like traditional elastics can.
What's even better... these elastic hair ties can also be worn around your wrist for a cute bracelet, and they don't cut into your wrist leaving uncomfortable marks like regular elastics can!

Fangirl Polish hair elastics are a perfect idea for swap boxes, stocking stuffers, and gifts for any occasion!
Coordinate them with similarly themed items from the shop (water decals and/or polish) and rock your matching accessories!  

**In no way is Fangirl Polish affiliated with any part of the Nightmare Before Christmas franchise. Elastics are strictly a creative rendition inspired by the fandom.**
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